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"I have been trying to Call YOU!"

Greeting success seeker,

Have you ever played phone tag with someone? You know the frustration of leaving messages on the answering machine only to have your call returned when you are out of the office. Recently, I was trying to contact an Attorney friend of mine to share with him about an event I am working on. We played phone tag for almost two days. When he returned my call, I was out of the office. When I called him back, he was in a meeting. Finally, he decided to send me an email alerting me that he was trying to return my call. I sent an email back to explain the nature of my call.

When you play phone tag, deep down inside, there is unsettledness in your mind until you reach the person you are trying to contact. And for the other person, there is restlessness in their spirit. Their mind is constantly in search of the answer to the question: What is the nature of your call? It is not until the parties finally connect, that minds are eased and spirits calmed.

Did you know your life was calling you? Your life has been trying to let you know that you have a purpose and an expected future. You were created to accomplish something that no one else can achieve. You were created to leave a lasting legacy for this generation and the generations to come. You were designed to leave an inheritance for your children and your children's children. When will you quit wasting the moments of your life in idle pursuits that will not ease the nagging void that only a life filled with mission and purpose will ease?

End the frustration. Make contact. Rob the grave of potential, abilities, talents and precious gifts that are deposited inside of you. Your life has been trying you contact you.


Safe and Secure,

Larry W. Robinson

Larry W. Robinson is a speaker, singer and multi-media personality. He is the host of "Keeping the Faith" airing on numerous multi-media formats reaching millions of people on a weekly basis. He is also a contributing writer for various publications. His column offers uplifting advice, as well as, highlights the latest projects and accomplishments of authors and singers worldwide. For an interview or review of your product or service call him toll-free at 1-877-815-6950.

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